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“The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods.” - Dr. Royal Lee

I am excited to introduce to people the use of whole food supplements to help ease the burdens of chronic and acute health issues.

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Natural Healthcare To Combat Chronic Diseases

If you’re interested in holistic health and natural healthcare, turn to Peak Vitality LLC in Saginaw, Michigan. I provide tailored nutrition counseling services to help you achieve your unique health and wellness goals.

How Peak Vitality LLC Started

The idea for my business came from the desire to help people without the use of medications.

When I was younger, my dad had high blood pressure and always suffered from the side effects of his medicines. Although diet and lifestyle changes played a part in reducing his blood pressure (decreasing salt intake and walking for exercise), it was never enough to get him off the prescriptions. We would research vitamins, supplements, and herbal products that could make a difference naturally without harmful side effects.

Several years later, my dad had a bad accident where he broke several ribs and suffered from a punctured lung. Once more, prescription medications were used to help alleviate his pain, but he started having horrible hallucinations, followed by more unpleasant side effects. So again, we turned to natural alternatives to help him through his injuries.

That was many years ago, and I have since learned about whole food nutritional supplements. Whole food supplements are exactly

The supplements I use are tablets and capsules full of organically grown, super-concentrated food. I love this idea because they do not cause unpleasant side effects and cannot be overprescribed or improperly used.

The importance of these supplements arises from the fact that regardless of how well we watch our diets, it’s almost impossible to meet all our daily nutritional needs. Due to overcultivation, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically engineered crops, we do not get the full range of vitamins and minerals from our foods that we did even 50 years ago. Taking whole food supplements helps fill in the gaps of our nutritional deficits, allowing our bodies to heal and feel better.

I am excited to introduce to people the use of whole food supplements to help ease the burdens of chronic and acute health issues. Although they don’t cure diseases, they help patients suffering from long-term effects of sprains, strains, diabetes, high cholesterol, infertility, viral overload, and environmental toxins.

My Background

Hello, I am Dr. Traci Collier, DC, CCWFN and have been practicing chiropractic in Saginaw, MI for over 23 years. I attended the National College of Chiropractic obtaining my BS in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic.

I became a Certified Clinical Whole Food Nutritionist (CCWFN) through the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health in order to help my patients solve their health issues through foods and whole food supplements. This is a natural minded approach helping to change quality of life through healthstyle changes, not through medications.

I work with patients from all age ranges suffering from acute to chronic health conditions. Patients with digestive, hormonal/ infertility issues, viral overload and everything in between. My goal is to get you feeling better so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Please call today to set up a consultation to see if whole foods supplements are right for you.

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